Should I use fap turbo VPS(Virtual Private Server)?

If you trade Forex, or if you ever use EA(Forex Export Advisers), you probably already know VPS: Virtual Private Server. It is very common and it is very useful in Forex trading. The often asked question is: should I use fap turbo vps at all?

What is VPS?

vspBasically, VPS is a machine that runs 24/7 on internet and you can run anything you want on it. To you, it is just like a physical computer sitting on your desktop and running 24/7 with internet connected. Normally you just need to use remote desktop connect to it.
On the real server, the VPS provider actually is using some specialized software to visualizer those machines for you. So on one physical machine, they normally can run 20 – 30 or even more VPS for their clients. Of course, the more severs they can run, the less resource your VPS will get and a cheaper rate you might get too.

Pros of using VPS:

Should I use VPS for my forex trading is one of the most common question people have. The answer is actually very simple. It depends on how you trade the Forex market.
If you do long term or middle term trading by yourself, you really don’t need VPS. Your computer will just work fine.
However, if you use any EA service or robot software like Fap Turbo, then you defintely need to have a VPS. Not only a VPS, but a very good, reliable VPS. The simple reason is you don’t want to lose connection to EA server and you want to get every single buy and sell command from EA server as soon as they were issued from EA server. You can not use your own computer to do that.

Cons of using VPS:

Some of the VPS is not cheap. Normally you need to pay a monthly fee for it. The rate is normally between $15 to $50. Some good ones are more expensive.
So, cost is the only con of using VPS.

Best solution:

Luckily, in Forex market, it is a little different. Most of the broker will offer VPS service for free as long as you keep a certain level of balance in your trading account. The basic goal is, they want you to trade. As long as you trade, they make money. But if you have a good strategy, or using a good software such as Fap Turbo, you make money any way. So that is a win-win situation, isn’t it?

So, bottom line, I would encourage every trader in Forex market to use VPS. The one Fap Turbo recommends is one of the best.

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