How to use Fap Turbo Auto Trading to reach one million in Forex market?

I have been using Fap Turbo for a while and so far so good. It generates a very consistent return on my investment. The creator claims it can double your money in 30 days. I don’t think that is true though. Normally it takes about 2 – 3 months to get 100% gain for me. So that is 4% – 8% per week, which is still not too bad. Imagine how much you can get if you have your money sitting in bank.

My road map to one million, in 2 years?

My initial investment is $250. Now I am at $574 mark, took 7 weeks. So let’s just assume it can double your money every 2 months, in order to get one million, it needs $250 X 2^N = 1 million. N will need to be about 12, basically means I need to double it 12 times. Each time it takes about 2 months. That means in 2 years, it might get you to one million mark, right?

Looks like it is doable, but again, the consistency would be the key. We know it is actually a very risky game in trading Forex. Can I make to that mark? I don’t know, but I will try to stick with this plan.

How to speed up my plan?

I found a very interesting bonus most Forex broker have is deposit bonus. Basically, say if you deposit 1k, they will give $250 as bonus to encourage you to trade. One thing you will need to remember though, you can not withdraw this $250. So, it is in your account, but you cannot do anything with it but trading. Also, many people just treat it as using margin without interest, which make perfect sense.

So, in order to speed up my plan, I decide to go with TALLINEX which is also recommended by Fap Turbo team. The good thing about it is, their bonus rate is 100%  to 1000%. can you believe it? 1000%. I am surprised to learn that, but in deeded it is true. Here is a better picture of how to use their 100% – 1000% bonus:
Fap Turbo with Tallinex Bonus scaling

So, when I can get to one million mark now? Probably half? I don’t know, I will see. I will post out more updates along my way.

If you are interested in trading along with me, welcome to start from here:

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