Fap Turbo: How I made my first million in Forex trading?

Oh boy, I am very excited today because my account reached 1 million mark, $1000,043.69, to be exact. It is paper value in my account and I don’t have that much of crash in my hand, but technically I can cash them all out, right? Anyway, it is definitely a mile stone for my trading career and it does take a lot of time and effort for me to get here. In this post, I will share a little bit my experience which might be able to save you some time and effort if you are interested in foreign exchange trading.
Check out a quick screenshot of my balance:

  • My background and my short story

I work in computer software industry and have been a software programmer for 10+ years. I like the idea of having computer to do work for us. It is an art to write a good piece of software that really works and brings values to people.

When it comes to trading, I always think it that way too. I know computer can do better than human because we are very emotional, at least for me. I have tried to learn trading. I bought many books, ebooks, online training videos,learned all different indicators, how to draw trend line, how to count waves so on and so forth. But it just does not work for me. I can trade currency, trade stock and options, but I still feel so hard to have a good return and it is very very time consuming.  The money I made probably only can cover several vacation trips for my family. That is it. There is really nothing excited about it.

But, still in my heart, I know those big companies are using computer farm with monster software on it to trade automatically. So I started to look for software that I can use to trade automatically instead of myself watching screen day after day. People also call it as trading robot. After trying many different ones, finally I end up with Fap Turbo from fapturbo.com. Not only because higher return fap turbo generates, but because the consistency of profitable trades and the time freed up by using it.

  • What is Forex, and what is Fapturbo?

I don’t really want to go any more explanation about Forex(If you don’t know what it is, please google it). Instead, I want to talk about why I chose Forex instead of stock. I traded stock and options before, but I still have my day time job. I cannot trade while I am working in my office.  Once I get off my work, so does the stock market: closed. However with Forex, it is 24 hours a day 5 days a week. I can spend some time focus on my trading at night without any problem.

Another thing is, with Forex, the volatility is high which creates more opportunity. Trend if your friend, volatility is your love. 

The last thing is, with stock, there are so many, many different stocks. I have to spend so much time to scan, watch different stocks to make the right pick. However for Forex, there are only a few pairs so I can focus on a certain currency and can do well with it, especially with robot software.

>> Go to fapturbo.com to see how exactly it works <<

  • So, again, what is Fapturbo?

In simple word, fapturbo is a Forex trading robot software that trades on only several well analyzed patterns. You can set it up to monitor a certain currency pair. As soon as it detects a profitable pattern, it will fire up the trade and lock up the gain for you automatically. It is that easy. You just need to install it on your computer and let it run. It will just like a real person siting there and do trades for you. In fact, in most case, it does a better job than you because it can detects profitable pattern faster and buy or sell faster. Even a professional trader might not be able to it as well as those auto robots. This is why those big guys in Wall Street invest heavily on computer trading.

  • How I made my first million with Fap Turbo?

Well, I made a million with Fapturbo auto trading, which is obviously an excellent news. But I think as a trader, the goal is to consistently make good money.  As soon as you figure that out, your computer will become your ATM machine. That is the key reason I like fapturbo: consistency.

I think I have covered most of that in previous section. Let’s stop “showing off” me,:) and move to you, to next topic:

  • Can you have the same success with Fap Turbo?

That is a million dollar question, isn’t it? That will depend on you. Several tips I would like share with you though:

1. TEST, TEST, and TEST.

The way I started is to start with a virtual account and test fap turbo robot first. Don’t just play around. Grab your pen and paper, write down your plan before you trade, such as  what parameter you set for fap turbo, what lot size you want to start, what currency pair, and why you want to start that pair, because of trend, policy or else. Write it down. If you make profit, check your log and mark it as a valid strategy. If you loss, check your log as well and find out why. Until you find your self good strategy and settings for the software, then you start with real money. Don’t just throw your hard earned money at it and blindly invest or trade. That is called gamble, not invest.

2. Start Small.

I start with $250 dollars.  Whenever I made a little gain, I reinvest those gain into my capital and let it work for me. Basically it is like rolling a snow ball. Once you understand how Fapturbo works and have a well tested system, all you have to do is to sit back and watch your account grow.

3. Last, how long does it take for me get a million dollar mark?

Almost 2 years. I started with $250 dollars, and add probably close to total of $1000 along the way. So overall my capital is $1000. The first year my main focus is to make sure fapturbo generates a stable and projected return. The second year I started to use aggressive mode with margin, which bumped up my account pretty quickly. Because after one year I already have a high balance in my account, so I can afford to certain level of loss in order to chase higher risk trade. But if you just start, I will not recommend using aggressive mode or margin. You could get wiped out easily with small account.

I think that is all I want to say for now. If you want to try it out, simply go to their website fapturbo.com to download. I believe they still have 60 day money back policy. If you have question along your way, shoot me an email and I would be happy to trade with you.

Happy Trading…:)

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